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6th November, 2017

Analysis of the website current situation

Before you can find a way to get to your destination, you should to understand where you are now. The current situation of your website and the attitude of the search engines to it at the current moment is the topic what we would like to discuss.

It does not matter how long your new website is. It will (or already) be indexed and checked by the search engines. And the sooner you look it and fix all available critical errors, the better it will be indexed.

If your site is already running, then most likely there are have some visitors per day on it and the search engines already know about it. So, they have already formed some opinion. Therefore, before you analyze the site you should to noted a few important points:

  • Number and quality of visitors, their behavior and main ways
  • The relation of search engines to the website

If your site is new, then you should follow below recommendations as quickly as possible and return to the analysis in a few weeks, when some data will accumulate.

Analysis of visitors

How to find out who have been on the website, which kind of visitors, where they came from, what they did, how they moved and what they pay attention to? For this, we recommend systems of statistic for installation on each of your sites. There are a lot of statistics systems. But I recommend to use the two most interesting and useful:

As you understand, Google Analytics is a system of statistics from the most powerful search engine. And it's not a secret that Google have sufficient capabilities and this allows you to track a huge number of parameters for each of the visitors. And you know that Google knows a lot about each of us, it is much easier to compile statistics. So, for example, Google Analytics in most cases knows and can display statistics on ages, genders, and basic interests. This data is sometimes very important for analysis. In addition, Google has a large number of other services, and if you link it with the Analytics, that allows you to more accurately track and use all data from visitors.

The second system of statistics is "Yandex Metrica". It is interesting system, because it has a slightly different approach with the reports and it is much easier to analyze them in this system. Well, the most interesting thing about "Yandex Metrica" is the "WebVisor" system, which allows you to track the movements of the mouse, the keyboard of your visitors and give you a clearer mind of the behavior of users.

If these counters are not installed on the site, we highly recommend that they be installed. Before optimizing, you should use these systems to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Monthly average number of visitors
  • Monthly average number of pages viewed
  • Ratio viewed pages per visitor
  • Average session duration
  • Bounce Rate
  • Traffic sources/channels
  • Keywords which visitors use
  • Landing pages
  • Exit pages
  • Frequency & Recency visitors
  • Behavior Flow
  • Events and conversions (if they customised)

Based on these data, we will be able to more accurately reflect on your promotion strategy, and we will also be able to evaluate the results of further actions.

What do search engine thinking about your website?

Of course, the search engine is a program that just analyzes sites on the Internet. And she can not "think". But every search engine has its own requirements and recommendations for what site they think is good and which is not. On the one hand, almost all information is open and explain very detailed, and on the other hand, the a lot of settings and tips is hidden from the common user. And some of the information is inaccessible to anyone. And only professionals involved in the promotion of sites, have the experience and the whole SEO community can draw conclusions about what parameters search engines consider more important, and which less. It also happens that the information is leaking from the developers and this gives more confidence in some details. In addition, search engines are constantly updated and developed. So optimizers have to constantly be aware of all the changes and innovations.

Some search engine has a services that helps webmasters track certain parameters of their websites and somehow "communicate" with them. One such system is "Google WebMaster". Now it's called "Google Search Console". And is available at: Using this console, you can and should to check your site for errors and recommendations. That in our opinion it is necessary to look there:

  • Absence of errors on the site and on the server
  • Did someone see any errors when connecting to the site
  • Is it connected to the site Sitemap.xml
  • Is it connected to the site Robots.txt
  • Is configured the International Targeting and does your website have "hreflang" flag (if the site has more than one language)
  • Are there any errors in the structured data on the site?

Why do you need this?

In addition to what you learn about your site, adding your site to these systems you tell for search engines that you have a website. They note down address and they will visit your website and collect data from it. And if it will satisfy the parameters, then after a while the search engines will show it in the search result. Such systems as Google Search Console are available for some other search engines. And at the stage of website development you might want to add your site to those search engines that are of interest to you.

List consoles from other search engines:


Our recommendation is mandatory registration in two systems of statistics and in Google's Search Console. The rest is up to you.

And of course do not forget to follow the changes and updates. Because if you develop your website, if you do something on it, add new data, articles, update the old information, improve and optimize the code, then we recommend periodically (at least once a month, or even more often) to look in search consoles and go through all the pages in search of errors.

Well, we as SEO-masters need almost every day to look into the statistics and analyze the data.

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