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Before Creating a Website. The Website Structure And Page Layout

21th October, 2018; 1 comments
Before Creating a Website. The Website Structure And Page Layout

By website structure I mean the relationship of its pages to each other. Defining it helps greatly to determine what scheme and design are optimal in given case. When a visitor enters the website, four major questions should be answered as soon as possible.

  • Where am I? What is all this site about? What is this page?
  • What is interesting for me here?
  • Why is this offer better than others?
  • How do I get what is offered here?

All this determines the structure by which our future website will be formed, and whether it will be able to lead the visitor as if holding his hand, from the first positive impression with an attractive picture to a detailed explanation to him, already convinced, how to buy this wonderful product so necessary for him.

2 Easy Steps To Speed Up Your Website

4th October, 2018
2 Easy Steps To Speed Up Your Website

Any owner wants his website to "fly" and all the pages to open and upload as quickly as possible. It might be quite a bit of struggle for photographers, designers and other “visual specialists” who keep thousands of pictures on their websites. Very often I hear the following arguments:

  • My website is slow because it's on the free hosting;
  • One can't optimize our site, because it on WordPress and it so slow;
  • There is a lot of big pictures on my website, so everything is loading slowly;
  • And many other excuses...

I have been optimizing my site for a long time and here I'd like to give you a small list of sites that can help you understand the important points of your site that make it slow down. My fight isn't over, yours may not have started yet, but it's never too late to start!

Stages of creating a website. Before you start

10th November, 2017
Stages of creating a website. Before you start

The website is a necessary part of any business. And if you are a professional in your business, than the creation of a web site is a completely different topic. Especially if your business has nothing to do with computers.

Most of people who want to get a website even do not know how to start. Often they make mistakes. They believe that the most important thing is to find a designer or someone else, who will do this for you. Yes, it's really better to let the specialist deal with technical issues, but the main part of job you should do by yourself.

Here I want to tell about the stages of creating a website. And you will see that the cooperation with the technician in this list will not be in the first place. I'd say, importance of website components distributes like this:

List of SEO ranking factors and signals

8th November, 2017
List of SEO ranking factors and signals

Google constantly updates and changes its search algorithms. According to Google, there are more than 200 parameters that it tracks and on which it builds positions in the result page. In this article we show you 9 important parameters that Google considers when ranking search results. Of course, this list is not complete. Full list consists of more than 200 factors. But this is most important factors. And they will be useful to anyone who wants to promote website on the Internet.

So, the firstly is the Content and User Experience.

1. Content

Yes, it's not a news. Everyone know it. Huge amount of external links won't outweigh the quality content. And most interesting, it's that the quality of this content is more important than the quantity of words or density of keywords. On the other hand, longer texts are more respected by Google. But no one knows the exact length that gives you a guaranteed result. But what is known for sure that is if the topic indicated in the title is descriptive and open completely, than the rating of this page is higher. And of course, the regular updating of your site is an added advantage.
So, write a new content regularly.

Analysis of the website current situation

6th November, 2017
Analysis of the website current situation

Before you can find a way to get to your destination, you should to understand where you are now. The current situation of your website and the attitude of the search engines to it at the current moment is the topic what we would like to discuss.

It does not matter how long your new website is. It will (or already) be indexed and checked by the search engines. And the sooner you look it and fix all available critical errors, the better it will be indexed.

If your site is already running, then most likely there are have some visitors per day on it and the search engines already know about it. So, they have already formed some opinion. Therefore, before you analyze the site you should to noted a few important points:

  • Number and quality of visitors, their behavior and main ways
  • The relation of search engines to the website

If your site is new, then you should follow below recommendations as quickly as possible and return to the analysis in a few weeks, when some data will accumulate.

First steps to optimize your website

5th November, 2017
First steps to optimize your website

Before you start promoting your website in the Internet, you need to be sure that it looks good and works correctly. Now a lot of different browsers and an incredible number of different gadgets, with different screen sizes. And you should try to make sure that your users from any device can seen your site and it was convenient for them.

Correct HTML website layout

There are many standards that are used on the Internet and most likely it is impossible to meet all. Unless you make a site that will use the oldest layout system. But this in the future will not lead to anything good. But whatever standard you follow, it should be valid. So it's better to agree with the rules of this standard. In the network there is a website of the organization W3C, which develops and implements technological standards for the World Wide Web. There are a lot of versions of HTML and CSS and much more. But what is the most pleasant for developers, that they have the function of site verification (Online Validation Service).

Markup HTML Online Validation Service available here:

There is compliance of your version of HTML with standards is checked. On the one hand, you can tell "Why I need this? Why they asked me to adapt to the some rules?" Of course, the test is only advisory, and this is your website. You decide should you fix it according to the requirements of the standard or not. Sometimes corrections entail a large amount of work and it is not so simple to bring them all in. But frequently the validator will show you mistakes or even typos, which are easy to fix. In addition, the validator has 2 degrees of criticality: "Warning" and "Error".

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