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4th October, 2018

2 Easy Steps To Speed Up Your Website

Any owner wants his website to "fly" and all the pages to open and upload as quickly as possible. It might be quite a bit of struggle for photographers, designers and other “visual specialists” who keep thousands of pictures on their websites. Very often I hear the following arguments:

  • My website is slow because it's on the free hosting;
  • One can't optimize our site, because it on WordPress and it so slow;
  • There is a lot of big pictures on my website, so everything is loading slowly;
  • And many other excuses...

I have been optimizing my site for a long time and here I'd like to give you a small list of sites that can help you understand the important points of your site that make it slow down. My fight isn't over, yours may not have started yet, but it's never too late to start!

I liked these 2 most of the testing services:

They give such a lot of useful information that you can look at everything in detail and read for a long time.

There are also other useful resources such as:

Each of these sites provides some recommendations for bug fixes or improvements. And of course, sometimes it takes a lot of time and effort to figure out what's what. Eventually it gets easier.

CDN as a method to speed up the site

One of my recent discoveries was the possibility of CDN use cheeply for any website, even those on the free hosting. What is CDN? It stands for Content Delivery Network. In the case of a website, "content” means all photos, text, etc.

How does CDN work?

Various servers around the world are connected into a single network. Once you upload your content to these servers, you are given a special address. And when a user requests information at this address, the user is delivered this information from the nearest server, thereby providing incredible speed.

So let's speed up your website!

  • 1. Go to the KeyCDN and register there. (page with prices)
  • 2. Next, in the “Zones" section, create an entry with your site

Congratulation! What's else?

If your site does not use HTTPS, then you can stop with the settings. After about 5 minutes, the address of your zone will be a high-speed copy of your site. Here is are instructions for connectivity zones for almost all famous CMS. Of course, if your CMS is not popular in the world, it will not be there. It is impossible to satisfy everyone. Unfortunately there not comprised: WIX, SquareSpace, GoPhotoWeb. From my point of view, these systems are generally very limited and sooner or later you will reject them.


If you want the address of your zone to look "nice", you need to add CNAME record in DNS. There may already be a bit more complicated for inexperienced, but everything is described step by step in the guide

Now it's even easier create fast sites! :)

Examples of "accelerated" sites:

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